Customer : Rambabu
Category : Hotel
Date : 21 March, 2017
Status : Delivered
Tags : Food Delivery

Description of project

Guests will be able to book with the hotel directly from the web application with built in mobile booking engine. The rates and inventory upon booking will automatically get updated in PMS and online distribution channels. Every guest expects certain amenities in a hotel where they want to book their stay with but highlighting the special amenities is what differentiates your hotel from the competition..

App7Tech lets you decide which amenities you want to highlight and promote in the application with high resolution images with added text for extra information regarding the amenities, rooms, room types, etc. Guests can provide instant feedback to the hotels if they face any issues during their stay and the hotel staff can take immediate action to rectify the issue. In addition, it is a great tool for getting guest's feedback pre and post stays.

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